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Hakuna has two environments available: sandbox and production. Each environment has a unique URL and requires a unique API key.
Sandbox environment:
Production environment:

Using the sandbox environment

The Hakuna sandbox is a testing environment that simulates the live production environment. It has the same set of features as the production environment, but it only supports the Hakuna product category 101.
You should use the sandbox to fully test and develop your integration. Before you switch to the production environment, you should have successfully tested Offer creation as well as all Order creation and management (placement, fulfillment, cancellation, refund).

Using the production environment

In the production environment, you'll need to use the base production URL, your live publishable key, and production product categories.
Please let us know when you are ready to go live so we can provide you with a list of production product categories and grant you live access. Once that's done, you'll be able to view your live publishable key in the merchant console.
Keep in mind that Offers created in the sandbox environment contain test data and cannot be used in the production environment. If you use sandbox Offers in production Order requests, they will fail and return a 400 response.