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How it works

We'll take care of the insurance side of things for you. This includes things like insurance contract management, policy creation and documentation, regulatory approval, payment administration, reporting, and risk and fraud monitoring.

You choose your set-up

Sales channels & locations

Decide where and how you want to make product protection available to your customers. Post-purchase via your membership app or in email campaigns? Online on the product detail page or in the cart? In-store at the service desk? It's up to you!

Protection plans

Decide which products you want to offer protection for, which type(s) of protection (accidental damage protection, theft protection, extended warranty protection, etc.) you want to offer, which term lengths and payment cycles you want to provide, and how much commission you want to charge.

Branding & design

Decide what you want to call your protection program, prepare your messaging, and apply your brand colours and design elements.

You manage Offers and Orders

You'll create Offers for each of the products or product collections that you want to sell product protection for. Once you've created the Offers, you'll use them to create protection products that you can add to your ERP system and sell to your customers.
Whenever you sell a Hakuna protection plan, you'll need to place an Order so we can create the insurance contract. After that, you'll need to let us know whenever anything changes (i.e., fulfillment or refunds), so we can update the Order and the associated contract accordingly.

You earn a commission

We'll transfer you a commission for every protection plan in your program that is sold (or renewed).