How it works

We'll create optimized product protection plans for your product categories and take care of all the related administrative topics too. This includes things like insurance contract management, policy creation and documentation, regulatory approval, payment administration, reporting, and claims management.

You decide which products you want us to cover

Generally, you can offer product protection on anything you want to since Hakuna can cover anything non-consumable. Just keep in mind that there may be specific category or price limitations defined in your commercial agreement.
Since you get to decide what you want to offer protection on, you also get to decide what you don’t want to offer protection on. Feel free to set limits based on price or type and exclude products as you see fit. Low-cost products, for example, aren't always the best candidates for product protection since they are purchased without much consideration and are easily replaceable.

You decide which protection plans you want to sell

At Hakuna, we have a few different types of product protection available.
You can decide which type of protection you want to offer for each of your product categories. Your options are listed in the commercial agreement.

You manage Offers and Orders

You'll create Offers for each of the products or product collections that you want to sell product protection for. Once you've created the Offers, you'll use them to create protection products that you can add to your ERP system and sell to your customers.
Whenever you sell a Hakuna protection plan, you'll need to place an Order so we can create the insurance contract. After that, you'll need to let us know whenever anything changes (i.e., fulfillment or refunds), so we can update the Order and the associated contract accordingly.