Assign Hakuna categories

The Hakuna app will create the Hakuna taxonomy product category metafield for your products.
Metafields are used to store and display additional information about Shopify resources, like products. We use them to capture information on Hakuna product categories, which we then use to create Offers so that you can sell Hakuna product protection in your store.
You can test Hakuna in the Sandbox environment without assigning any product categories.
Before you go live, we'll provide you with a list of the relevant Hakuna product categories, so all you have to do is assign them to your products.

Here's how to assign Hakuna categories

  • In the left navigation of your Shopify admin, navigate to the Hakuna App
  • Click on the App name, then click on Products
  • You will land on a page listing all your products with a Hakuna product category field
  • Enter the applicable category value into the Hakuna product category field for all products for which you want to offer protection
  • If you do not want to offer protection for a product, leave the Hakuna product category field empty
  • Click Save
Keep in mind that you'll have to add a Hakuna product category to any future additions to your catalog if you want to offer product protection on them.