Adjust your invoice

Whenever Hakuna product protection is added to the cart, we will create a product in your product catalog. Since the price already includes insurance tax, it is exempt from other tax (e.g. VAT). The Charge tax on this product option will be unchecked by default on all Hakuna product protection so you won't need to change anything.

Display Hakuna correctly on your invoices

  • Make sure that you list the gross price without VAT for each Hakuna product protection plan on your invoice

  • Add the following disclaimer to your invoice, either next to each Hakuna product or once, e.g. in the footer:

Die Versicherung wird im Namen und für Rechnung des in den AVB genannten Versicherungsunternehmens verkauft und enthält 19 % VersSt.

The insurance is sold on behalf of and for the account of the insurance company specified in the General Insurance Conditions and includes 19% IPT.

Show disclaimer next to each product

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