Render widget on vintage themes

If you're using a vintage theme (i.e., a Shopify theme that uses an architecture older than OS 2.0), you'll need to manually place tags on the product detail page and the cart page (or cart drawer) to render the Hakuna widget.

Please note that your solution may look slightly different, depending on the structure of your theme. If you run into any issues or have any questions, please reach out to us.

Open the code editor

  • Open your Shopify admin, and go to Online Store -> Themes

  • Find your theme, click the ... button, and select Edit code

Add tag to product page

  • In the Templates directory, navigate to the product-template.liquid or the product.liquid file (you should have one or the other)

  • Paste the following tag above the Buy buttons

<div id="hakuna-details-widget"></div>
  • Click Save

Add tag to cart page or cart drawer

  • In the Templates directory, navigate to the cart-template.liquid, the cart.liquid, or the cart-drawer.liquid file (you should only have one)

  • Paste this tag above the Checkout button

<div id="hakuna-cart-widget"></div>
  • Click Save

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