Hide Hakuna protection from your collection

Hakuna product protection plans can't be sold as a standalone product so you'll need to hide Hakuna product protection from your collection(s) to avoid confusion.

If you have a manual collection or you don't have a collection listed on your store with all available products, you won't have to change anything. Just make sure not to add any Hakuna product protection plans to any of your collections.

If you do have an automated collection, you'll need to add a new selection condition. Here's how:

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Products -> Collections

  • Click an existing automated collection and scroll to the Conditions section (if the collection is manual, you won't see this section)

  • Click Add another condition and select Product vendor from the first drop-down list

  • Select is not equal to from the second drop-down list and enter hakuna in the third field

  • Make sure Products must match is set to all conditions

  • Click Save and repeat this process for any other automated collections displayed in your store

If you display All products anywhere in your shop, you'll need to follow these additional steps:

  • In your Shopify admin, go to Online Store -> Themes

  • Find your current theme, and click Customize

  • Navigate to the page that you need to edit (the one displaying All products)

  • Click Featured collection

  • Under Collection, click Change -> Change collection

  • Select a new collection (make sure the new collection doesn't include any Hakuna product protection plans)

  • Click Select

  • Click Save

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