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Prepare your frontend

Once the backend is set up to sell product protection, you can start preparing your frontend!


Protection products

Hakuna protection products can't be sold as standalone products. They have to be purchased together with a protectable product, and the quantity of protection products should match the quantity of the protectable products. So if the customer adjusts the quantity of protectable products, the quantity of the selected protection should be updated accordingly. Plus, if a customer removes the protectable product from the cart, the associated protection product should be removed from the cart too.
To avoid confusion and potential errors, make sure that all protection products in your storefront:
  • are excluded from filter and search results
  • are excluded from any catalogs and product-category-specific subpages
  • cannot be added to the cart or purchased without the associated protectable product
  • are excluded from discounts or promotions applied at the checkout

Order rejections

If the Order is rejected during checkout due to certain errors, the errors should be handled quickly (e.g., by removing the selected protection product from the cart or by requesting the missing information from the customer) to prevent further interruption to the checkout process.
If the error occurs because the Order was rejected by Hakuna, the protection product should be removed from the cart, and the customer should be informed that the protection product is no longer available. That way, they will still be able to proceed with the checkout process.


You can shape the customer journey as you see fit but for the highest attachment rates, we recommend making product protection available throughout the customer journey and displaying the offering on the product detail page (PDP), in the cart, and at checkout.
For best results, make sure that:
  • there's a clear connection between the protection plan(s) and the protectable product
  • the protection plans are placed above the main CTA (i.e., above the buy buttons) so they can be incorporated into the purchase decision
  • customers have multiple touchpoints with the product protection offering throughout the customer journey

Content and design

A cohesive design with targeted content will increase attachment rates and improve the overall customer experience.
Feel free to customize your frontend using content, colors, shapes, fonts, and formats that work best for your business. There are just some requirements and recommendations to keep in mind.


What you need to include
Opt-in Display the protection plan(s) without a default selection so that customers can actively opt in by selecting their desired plan.
Plan details List the price and term length for each plan, and link to the terms & conditions (provided within the Offer's marketing content).
Mention Hakuna List Hakuna as the insurance broker.


What we recommend you do
Generate interest with upfront information
Mention the key highlights of the protection products right on the page so customers understand the value and benefits right away.

Introduce an info pop-up

Don't overwhelm customers with everything you think they should know about Hakuna product protection right away. Instead, add an info pop-up that they can open up to access more information about the protection plan if they're interested.

Leverage the marketing content

You can use the marketing content within the Offers to easily add headings, descriptions, and more to your frontend.

Example product detail page
Example info pop-up
Example of how to map marketing content to pop-up