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Create Offers

Get product protection plan options for your products
To get protection plan options for your products that you can offer to your customers, you'll need to create Offers.


Before you start to create Offers for your products, make sure that you're prepared to:
Update your Offers - Offers have expiry dates (30 days after Offer creation by default), so you'll need to update them over time. Make sure you have logic in place that allows you to update your Offers as needed.
Manage Hakuna product categories - Make sure you've assigned the appropriate Hakuna product categories to the products you want to create Offers for.
Use RRP with full cent price values - We calculate the prices of our protection plans based on the recommended retail price (i.e., list price) of your products, and we only accept prices with full cent values (i.e., 9.99 €, but not 9.985 €). When you create Offers, make sure you always provide us with recommended retail prices that are rounded to the nearest cent.


You can either create a unique Offer for each individual product in your inventory that you want to offer protection for, or we can group your products into product collections based on category and price ranges, so you can create Offers for each product collection and use the same Offer for every product within the associated collection.
Unable to create Offers yourself?
We can create them for you and provide them to you in a CSV file (or something similar). Please reach out to us for more information.