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Order feed

The Hakuna Order feed is the easiest way for you to create and manage Orders (and the protection products within them) on our platform. The only thing you'll need to do is share your Order data with us whenever an evolutionary change (i.e., placement, cancellation, fulfillment, or refunds) occurs. From there, we'll manage the Orders and connected insurance contracts for you.
You can either provide us with all of your Orders, including ones that do not contain any protection products, or just the Orders that contain protection products.


To ensure that we can manage your Orders and the contained protection plans properly, you'll need to do the following:
Order ID - give each of your Orders a unique ID so that we can keep track of updates
Order status - indicate the status of the Order:
  • placed: the transaction is pending or fulfilled, not cancelled
  • cancelled: the transaction will not be fulfilled, either because you decided not to (e.g., failed payment) or because the customer cancelled it
Line item fulfillments and refunds - indicate the quantities of fulfillments and refunds for each line item in the order
Connection between products and protection - link products and protection products (i.e., plans), which are to be transmitted separately, by adding a reference (using the ID that you use internally to identify that product) to a protection product line item within each protected product line
Hakuna brand in lowercase - ensure that the brand of the protection product line item is all lowercase (hakuna), and do not use any other variations (like Hakuna or hakuNa)