Each Hakuna Offer will have a defined insurance coverage area and a set of available languages, and the protection can only be sold in those languages, within that territory.


For any price data, amount and currency are split into two separate fields. For the currency, we are expecting (in requests) and delivering (in responses) a three-letter code following the ISO_4217 format. For example, use "eur" for Euro and "usd" for Unites States Dollars.


When you are passing us the customer address data in an Order, you have multiple fields available. While we can handle Strings in most of those address fields, please provide the country code formatted as the two-letter country code following the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format. For example, use "de" for Germany and "fr" for France.

Content in Offers

Each Offer contains plain marketing content which you can display directly to your customers. Within the JSON response, each piece of content is an object itself, containing a key:value pair for every supported language. We currently support German and English.
For example, within the Offer response, the title could look like this :
hakuna_title: {
en: "Warranty Extension by Hakuna";
de: "Gewähleistungsverlängerung von Hakuna;