Payment & invoices


As the designated payment handler, you'll be responsible for collecting all customer payments, and for refunding customers in case of returns or revocations.
Please make sure not to charge VAT on any Hakuna protection products.


Hakuna product protection is exempt from VAT so you can't charge it. Gross premiums will include the required 19% insurance premium tax.
We recommend listing only the gross amount on your invoice and adding the following disclaimer:
English disclaimer
German disclaimer
"The insurance is sold on behalf of the insurance company specified in the General Insurance Conditions and includes 19% IPT."
"Die Versicherung wird im Namen und auf Rechnung des in den AVB genannten Versicherungsunternehmens verkauft und enthält 19 % VersSt."


  • We will share monthly reports on successfully created insurance contracts with you.
  • You'll transfer the gross premiums to Hakuna.
  • As a registered insurance broker, we'll take care of the insurance tax and then pay out your commission on a monthly basis.
If you transfer a gross premium to us and the protection is later revoked (accepted up to 14 days post-fulfillment), you are still responsible for refunding the customer. We will adjust the reporting and invoicing accordingly in the following month.