What is an Order?

An Order represents a customer's intent to purchase Hakuna product protection. It is created when a transaction in your store containing one or more protection plans is successfully completed.
The default status of an Order is placed. We will not create an insurance contract until an Order is fulfilled. Once the insurance contract has been created, we will send it to the customer.
An Order serves two main purposes:
  1. 1.
    To confirm that an insurance contract can actually be created (i.e., valid Offer & correct inputs)
  2. 2.
    To manage the protection status

How to create and manage Orders

Order feed

Use the Order feed to share records of your transactions and we manage the Orders for you.
We recommend using our Order feed because if you do, you won't have to take care of Order management (see below) anymore.

Order management

To create an Order yourself, you'll need to provide us with some customer data, some transaction data, and in the case that you're using Offers for product collections, product data.
If you create the Orders yourself, you'll need to keep us updated on changes to the transaction (i.e., cancellation, fulfillment, refund) so we can update the Order accordingly.

Cancellation (on Order level)

If you do not plan to fulfill a transaction, either because you decided not to (e.g., failed payment) or because the customer cancelled it, you will need to cancel the Order. Order cancellation can only be accepted on an Order level (i.e., for the whole Order) and is only possible before Order fulfillment.

Fulfillment (on line item level)

Once your transaction with the customer is ready to be completed and shipped, you can create a fulfillment for the Order so that we can proceed with the creation of the insurance contract. Order fulfillment can happen directly after Order creation or later on (e.g., if you cannot ship immediately). You can create fulfillment for one or more items within an Order, on a line item level.

Refund (on line item level)

If a customer makes use of your revocation terms after Order fulfillment, you will need to refund them. We accept refunds for up to 14 days after fulfillment on a line item level (i.e., for one or more line items within an Order). We will inform you if a customer contacts us to revoke their product protection so that you can refund them.
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