What is an Offer?

An Offer is a set of Hakuna product protection plans created for a specific product or product collection in your inventory, which you can offer to your customers as options. All of the options within an Offer will contain the same type of protection (i.e., warranty extension or accidental damage protection). Before you start creating Offers, we will work with you to determine the best protection type for all of your products.
Plans can only be offered and sold in combination with the product(s) they were created for and customers can only purchase one plan per product (i.e., customers cannot purchase a 1-year warranty extension plan and a 2-year warranty extension plan for the same bike).

What's in an Offer?

Offers contain information about the Offer (i.e., when it was created, which product(s) it was created for), 1-3 protection plan options, optional marketing content, and links to the insurance documents.
Each of the plan options has an ID, a SKU, a price, a term length, and a title.
You can find the detailed body description of an Offer request in our API Reference

How to get an Offer

You can either create Offers yourself using our API or we can do it for you and then provide them to you in a CSV file (or similar).
You'll need Offers for everything you want to offer product protection for, but you can decide how granular you want those Offers to be. You can either get an Offer for each individual product in your inventory or we can group your products into product collections, based on category and price, and then create an Offer for each collection. Keep in mind that your choice will affect the structure of your Orders.

Offers for specific products

To get an Offer for a specific product, you'll need to input product data, including the product's Hakuna product category.
We'll provide you with a list of Hakuna product categories ahead of time. You will need to map these categories to your products so that you can create Offers for them. Whenever you add a new product to your inventory, you'll need to add a Hakuna product category to it to be able to create an Offer for it.

Offers for product collections

We'll work with you to define product collections that make sense for your catalog. Once the product collections have been defined, you'll just need to input the product category and price range to get an Offer for a product collection (i.e., watches between 1.000€ - 2.000€).

Selling Offers

Once you have an Offer, you can use the plan options inside it to build protection products, which you can sell then online and offline, at any stage of the customer journey.


You can sell Hakuna protection products in your online shop (on the product detail page, in the cart, at checkout, etc.), in-store, or in an app. It's up to you! You just need to make sure that you fulfill the following criteria:
  • Customers can purchase the protection products directly from you, including payment
  • You collect relevant customer and product data and share it with Hakuna
  • You have systems and/or processes in place to keep your orders in sync with us


No matter how you decide to sell Hakuna protection products, there are a few things that you need to incorporate into the design:
Hakuna logo Since Hakuna is the insurance broker, you'll need to include Hakuna’s logo somewhere.
Plan details Make sure to list the price and term length for each plan, and provide the link to the terms and conditions.
Opt-in The plans need to be sold as an option and displayed without a default selection so that customers can opt in by selecting their desired plan
The rest is up to you!
Feel free to customize everything else, using the colors, shapes, fonts, and formats that work best for your business. A cohesive design will increase attach rates and improve the overall customer experience.