Customers will need to be able to purchase protection plans from you and pay you for them.
We recommend keeping the checkout process simple and enabling customers to buy both the product and the product protection plan in a single checkout flow since this will have a positive effect on conversion rates.

Cart considerations


A protection plan covers a single item so the number of Hakuna protection plans in the cart cannot exceed the number of products in the cart. If a customer adjusts the quantity of products in their cart, the quantity of the selected protection should be updated accordingly.

Not standalone

Customers can’t buy a product protection plan without a product. If a customer removes the product from the cart, the associated protection plan should also be removed from the cart.

Promotions and discounts

We will provide you with the prices for all of our protection plans. They are calculated based on the manufacturer’s recommended retail price (i.e. list price) and cannot be discounted. Protection should be excluded from discounts or promotions applied at the checkout.

Potential errors

During the checkout process, some errors could occur, leading the Hakuna Order to be rejected. Ideally, the errors should be handled quickly (e.g., by removing the selected protection product from the cart or by requesting the missing information from the customer) to prevent further interruption to the checkout process.
If the error occurs because the Order was rejected by Hakuna, the protection product should be removed from the cart, and the customer should be informed that the protection product is no longer be available. That way, they will still be able to proceed with the checkout process.