Advertising Hakuna

Adding clear, concise, and accessible information about Hakuna product protection to your sales channels will increase awareness, foster trust, and improve attach rates.
You’re free to decide which information you want to share and how you want to share it, but here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Add product protection FAQs

Adding a dedicated section to your FAQs could help to clear up customer questions so they feel confident about adding product protection to their purchase.
Here are some common questions and suggested answers to get you started. Just make sure to adjust the answers depending on your coverage and product types:
Sample FAQs

Add Hakuna product protection to your list of benefits

Do you have a list of benefits somewhere on your website? Add Hakuna product protection to the list as a trust signal.

Add a banner

Adding a banner to your website ensures that customers see that you offer product protection, no matter what page they visit.

List Hakuna as your product protection partner

You likely already display your payment and shipping partners somewhere on your website. Now, you can add a new category for Hakuna to inform customers about our partnership. We think “Product protection partner” has a nice ring to it but you could also go for “Insurance partner”.

Create a dedicated product protection page

You can use a dedicated page to provide customers with more detailed information about Hakuna product protection. You can link to it from a banner, your footer, or anywhere else you mention Hakuna product protection.

Add a section to the product detail page

If you don’t want to create a full page or you want to make the information even more visible, you can always add a product protection section to your homepage or to the product detail page.

After-sales communications

Feel free to include Hakuna purchase information in after-sales communication with your customer, like the Thank You page, Order Overview or Order Confirmation. These after-sales communications are opportunities to solidify your relationship with your customers and encourage repeat purchases. Customers want to be sure that they are getting what they paid for, and by including the Hakuna protection in these communications, you can put them at ease.
If you need support creating content, please reach out to our Support Team. We’d be happy to help you with anything you need!